Training Practice

We are proud to be a GP training practice, and to be helping to train the next generation of doctors and nurses to look after you and your family.

This means we host GP registrars (qualified Doctors completing their training to be GPs) and medical students from Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We also take nursing students from both Guildford and Brighton Universities.

All our medical trainees are closely supervised and supported by Dr. Ruglys as their trainer and our nurses are supported by Mrs. Jefferis and Mrs. Werby as nurse mentors.

Their training may involve sitting in with one of the team to observe consultations, or seeing patients independently and on occasion videoing the consultation so they can review it for learning. If your consultation is to be observed or videoed you will be asked before the consultation and if you do not feel comfortable with this, please let our Reception team know either when booking your appointment or on arrival.

You can also ask the trainee to leave or stop videoing at any point during your consultation should you change your mind.