PPG Mission Statement

The  Patient Participation Group (known as the Leacroft Support Group or LSG) has been been set up to act as a bridge between the Practice and fellow patients.

As a group, our  aim is to represent all patients regardless of age, gender and ethnicity, so as to provide an accountable method of input and feedback to and from the Practice. By doing this we endeavor to facilitate the smooth operation of Leacroft Medical Practice  and assist in the transition and implementation of any future improvements and changes.

Terms of reference

  • Matters discussed within the room will always be assumed to be confidential unless otherwise stated.
  • The LSG are unable to deal with any matters of a clinical nature
  • If a members is unable to attend a meeting, apologies should be sent  to the Secretary and Chair in advance
  • Members should inform the  Secretary and Chair of any agenda items they would like included a week in advasnce
  • The Secretary is to keep a record of decisions in the form of minutes from each meeting
  • The group is empowered to speak on behalf of fellow patients and make recommendations accordingly
  • If a decision needs to be made, then this will be done by show of hands. In order for the decision to stand, there should be a minimum of 50 per cent of the group present(including the Chair)
  • In the event that an overall majority decision cannot be agreed upon by the group, then the Chair will have the casting vote and that will be the final  decision
  • These terms of reference are to be reviewed annually , or as circumstances change